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Title:Volume VII - Chants for Saint Ursula and Companions
Composer: Hildegard von Bingen
Editor/Arranger:Marianne Richert Pfau
Catalog Number:492-00132
Contents:60. Spiritui Sancto
61. O rubor sanguinis
62. Favus distillans
63. Antiphons for Matins
63.a Studium divinitatis
63.b Unde quocumque
63.c De patria
63.d Deus enim in prima
63.e Aer enim volat
63.f Et ideo puelle
63.g Deus enim rorem
63.h Sed diabolus
64. O Ecclesia
65. Cum vox sanguinis

Saint Ursula was a particularly important figure for Hildegard von Bingen. Perhaps she saw certain paralells with Ursula's story and her own life. These thirteen chants can be seen as a miniature liturgical drama which outlines the story of the martyred Saint Ursula and relate the story to larger truths

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