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Here are the latest publications from Hildegard publishing.

494-02862 Spirals of Light - Meira Warshauer ($31.95)
a trio for flute, cello and piano (score & parts included)
Inspired by the poetry of Ani Tuzman, Spirals of Light invites the listener into the sacred center, swirling and spiraling into stillness. The second movement resonates with the mystery of the infinite and the final movement contains a joyous energy.
494-02957 Rhapsodia Andina - Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas ($15.95)
for Flute or Violin & Piano (includes separate parts for flute & violin)
This piece can be played equally effectively by flute or violin. Composed in  two contrasting sections, Figueroa's music recalls her native Argentinean folkloric music especially in the use of rhythm and melodic color.
491-00627 Psalm 19 - Meira Warshauer ($14.95)
for Soprano and Piano
A setting of the first four verses of the psalm this moving work communicates the silent praise of the heavenly spheres as they traverse their paths, expressing the awesome majesty of the Holy One. The composer was inspired by a quiet and beautiful night under a sky full of stars in coastal South Carolina.
392-01205 At the Edge of Great Quiet - Cynthia Folio ($3.95)
for SSAA Chorus and Piano
A setting of four poems from the collection of poems by Alaskan women. The work moves from the resilience in the face of adversity expressed in "Roads," to the intimate dialogue of “There Were Suddenly Two Stones,” to a vivid depiction of bleak wintry day and concludes with the optimistic poem “Out of Wind, Out of Sun” affirming the work that women do in making art out of the nature that surrounds them.