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12 Etudes Op. 41

Item: 490-01083


25 Mazurkas

Editor: Irena Poniatowska

forSolo Piano

Item: 490-01114

The mazurkas in this collection are short, simple and charming compositions. In each, stylized popular folkloric patterns are evident.


3 Untitled Pieces

Item: 490-01090


5 Polish Folksongs

Editor: Denise Restout

for Harpsichord, Winds and Strings (Fl, Ob, Bsn, 2Tpt, 2Vln, Vla, Vc, CB)

Item: 490-01126


6 Sonatas for Keyboard

Item: 490-01072


6 Variations

Item: 490-01063


Air Russe

Editor: Gena Raps

for Piano Solo

Item: 490-01082


American Women Composers: Piano Music from 1865-1915

Editor: Sylvia Glickman

Item: 490-01060

This edition of piano music by American women composers of the late 19th century presents seventeen works by fifteen composers, examples of music of a transitional period in the development of American music. The collection covers a spectrum of musical styles, from works by virtuoso pianists such as Amy Beach to works in the popular styles of the day.



for solo piano

Item: 490-01159

This powerful work for solo piano was written at the height of the US-Soviet arms race. The piece moves from agitation, to peaceful spaciousness and finally to a celebration of the "trimuph of good."



Item: 490-01144



for Solo Piano

Item: 490-01169

Bagatelles for Piano was written in 1999. The pieces represent a broad range of moods and subjects, and all are light in spirit. A Bagatelle is a small gift, in this case, a musical offering. The titles of these bagatelles call to mind universal experiences and are meant to provoke the imagination.


Blaaf Jellet Eventyr Suite

Editor: Margaret Myers

Item: 490-01086


Black Women Composers: A Century of Piano Music (1893-1990)

Editor: Helen Walker-Hill

Item: 490-01070

More than twenty selections from a wide variety of composers - from early 20th Century composers such as Florence Price and Margaret Bonds to more contemporary composers such as Tania León. An unparalleled resource!


Capitol Trilogy

Item: 490-01131


Capric sur la Romance de Joconde

Editor: Anne Swartz

for Solo Piano

Item: 490-01117


Capture of the Cape of Good Hope

Item: 490-01122


Children's Album, No. 1, op. 36

Editor: Sylvia Glickman

for piano solo

Item: 490-01065

Consisting of five pieces in dance forms, these pieces vary in difficulty and are notated entirely in the treble clef. An excellent way to introduce young pianists to music by women composers!


Children's Carnival, Op. 25, 1-6

Editor: Sylvia Glickman

Item: 490-01064

The Children's Carnival includes six characteristic pieces, depicting different moods and employing a vareity of piano techniques. This fun collection of pieces makes an excellent introduction to women composers for young pianists.



Editor: Linda Moot

(in G Major)

Item: 490-01105


Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op.7

Editor: Kile Smith

two piano score

Item: 490-01136

This is first edition of this remarkable work to feature the solo part and complete orchestral reduction for second piano. The dedicated pianist will discover that this work reveals many melodic charms as well as a surprising strength and depth of personality.


Concerto Pour le FortePiano ou Clavecin (op. 2)

Editor: Calvert Johnson

Item: 490-01133

Concerto for piano or harpsichord. Like concertos of this period, the melodies are attractive, rhythms are lively and orchestration colorful. "This concerto was composed as a vehicle for a young prodigy and provides an opportunity to dazzle audiences with finger fireworks..." This is a two piano score. (496-00038 for full orchestra study score. Parts available on rental)


Concerto Pour le FortePiano ou Clavecin, Op. 2

Editor: Calvert Johnson

study score - parts available on rental

Item: 496-00038


Dances & Entertainments

Item: 490-01085

Based on her prize-winning composition, Small Suite (1956), this collection of eight short sections. After an introduction, four dances depicting Earth, Air, Fire and Water are interspersed with three "Entertainments" - Sarabande, Waltz and Rag.



Item: 490-01087


Divertimento for Pianoforte

(with violin obbligato)

Item: 494-02587


Divertissement pour le Pianoforte avec Accompagnement de Violon

Editor: Sarah Karlowicz

for Piano and Violin

Item: 494-02589


Fantasia for Pianoforte

Item: 490-01073



Item: 490-01103


Four Anglaises

Editor: Anne Swartz

for Solo Piano

Item: 490-01139


Four Early English Keyboard Sonatas

Editor: Sally Fortino

Item: 490-01084


Four Piano Works

Item: 490-01099

Includes: Prelude Op. 73, Interlude Op. 184 #6, Rency Etude Op. 188 and Etude d'hommage Op. 26.


Four Piano Works

Item: 490-01075


Fragments from a Woman's Diary

Item: 490-01107


French Character Pieces

Editor: Lea Schmidt-Rogers

for Piano Solo

Item: 490-01093



Item: 490-01108


Grande Sonate Op. 15

Item: 490-01096



Four Movements for Solo Piano

Item: 490-01161

Price TBA

Keyboard Music by 19th Century German Composers

Editor: Martha Furman Schleifer

Item: 490-01102


Le Chevalier

Item: 490-01095



Item: 490-01119


Music for One Piano, 4 Hands

Editor: Sally Fortino

Item: 490-01135


Music for Piano

Editor: Lydia Ledeen

Item: 490-01071


Music for Piano

Editor: Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta

Item: 490-01074

Carreño was one of the great pianists at the turn of the 20th Century but has not been equally recognized as a composer until recently. The seven pieces included in this collection reflect the many influences on Carreño and the variety of music she composed in the salon music genre.


Music for Piano

Editor: Sylvia Glickman

Item: 490-01113


Music for Piano, Volume 1

Editor: Sylvia Glickman

Item: 490-01066

This first volume of piano muisc by Amy Beach encompasses many different styles and piano techniques. Spanning much of Beach's lifetime, these compositions show her musical maturation as she explored the more virtuosic possiblities of the keyboard.


Music for Piano, Volume 2

Editor: Sylvia Glickman

Item: 490-01067

The second volume in our series of Piano Music by Amy Beach, this collection spans a wide variety of Beach's piano output, from earlier works to her final work. A number the works in this volume highlight her inspiration from nature while others showcase her achievement in composing ambitious and complex works.


Piano Concerto Op. 45

Arranged for two pianos by the composer

Item: 490-01128

Written at the height of her compositional career, this concerto is written in four movements (rather than three). The last two movements are however connected. Some of the themes used in the concerto are taken from her earlier songs. This edition is the two piano arrangement made by Beach in 1900.


Piano Sonata

Item: 490-01094


Piano Sonata

Item: 490-01092


Piano Sonata No. 3

Item: 490-01140

Serenade/Toccata has as its principal idea a lyrical theme, reflecting the feeling of a serenade.The Interlude, a free, meditative section, serves as a bridge between the outer movements. Tango Fantastique is by turns rhythmic and percussive, lyrical and expressive, quiet and meditative, and reflects the many moods of the new century (it was composed between 1996 & 1999). The work was written for Carol Lancaster, Los Angeles pianist and pedagogue.


Preludes and Fugues, Op. 16

Editor: Sylvia Glickman

for piano

Item: 490-01112

Composed in 1847, these 3 preludes and fugues are the skillful result of Clara Schumann's study of counterpoint. The first Prelude maintains a poignancy similar to the first movement of her Piano Trio. The following Fugue is a well-crafted, vigorous piece of music. Prelude #2, is a self-contained, graceful allegretto, while fulfilling its role of preparing the ear for the key of the ensuing fugue, a serious rhythmic work. The themes of the prelude and fugue of the third set are rhythmically related, both earnest andantes.


Preludes for Piano

Editor: Rosemary Platt

Item: 490-01078

Crawford's Preludes stand squarely in the tradition of prelude-writing from Bach to Chopin, Debussy and Scriabin. Although her preludes 6-9 have been previously published, these five appear in this edition for the first time.


Preludes, Exercises and Fugues

Editor: Valerie Woodring Goertzen

for Piano

Item: 490-01110

As a pianist and composer, Clara Schumann played her own improvised exercises prior to playing scales, and improvised preludes as introductions to pieces she was performing. This is a collection of seven exercises, eleven introductory preludes and several short progressions.


Romanza Op. 31

Item: 490-01106



for Two Pianos, Four Hands

Item: 490-01160

A mesmerizing and compelling work, Romp has the effect of luring the listener in with the playfulness implied in its title only to take us on a brief intense and driving excursion. Melodic echoes of Milhaud and Copland play against Alexander’s subtle and surprising rhythms.


Rondos I & II

Item: 490-01127


Sand & Stars

Item: 490-01134


Self Portrait of the Artist

for solo piano

Item: 490-01109


Sèrènade pour le Pianoforte avec Accompagnement de Violoncelle

Editor: Sarah Karlowicz

for Cello and Piano

Item: 494-02607



for piano

Item: 490-01079

Written for pianist Carol Dvoran-Lancaster, this piece's theme is a lyrical idea, reflecting the feeling of a serenade. Understated at first, it becomes more emphatic and propulsive, more toccata-like, as it reappears and is transformed during the course of the work. The music builds throughout to a dramatic and colorful ending.



Item: 490-01091


Six Piano Pieces from the 1820s

Editor: Judith Radell

Item: 490-01089

Six early works by Fanny Mendelssohn written just prior to her marriage. The variety and innovation already seen in these relatively youthful works gives insight into the wide range of the composer's compositional ideas as well as her skillful writing.



Editor: Sylvia Glickman

Item: 490-01068

A series of 4 works for solo piano. A line of French poetry inspired each of the four sketches that comprise Opus 15. "In Autumn", "Phantoms", "Dreaming", and "Fireflies".


Soirees Musicales Op.6

Editor: Sylvia Glickman

Item: 490-01111

Written in 1835-36, this set of character pieces reflect the influence of Mendelssohn, Chopin and Brahms on Schumann's compositional style. These pieces are highly successful either performed individually or as a set.



Item: 490-01061


Sonata for Piano Forte

Item: 490-01080


Sonata in C Minor, Op. 21

Item: 490-01076


Sonata in G

Item: 490-01059


Sonata Terza

pour le pianoforte (with violin obbligato)

Item: 494-02577


Sonata VI

(with violin obbligato)

Item: 494-02583


Sonata VI

Item: 490-01123


Sonate pour le Pianoforte, Opus 2, no. 3

avec l'Accompagnement d'un Violon

Item: 494-02585



for piano solo

Item: 490-01118

Following in the steps of Robert Schumann and others, Soundshots is a kind of "scenes from childhood." These twenty short works form a charming set of teaching pieces evoking memories of childhood activities and fascinations. Students of any age who have reached the early-intermediate stage in their piano studies will enjoy these miniatures!


Suite for Two Pianos Founded upon Old Irish Melodies, Op. 104

includes 2 performance scores; includes extensive program notes by noted Beach scholar, Adrienne Fried Block

Item: 490-01130

This striking work "Founded Upon Old Irish Melodies" enjoyed frequent performances during Beach's lifetime and since despite its technical challenges. Dubbed a "concerto with orchestra" the Suite is a brilliant showcase for both pianists.


Three Études from Vingt exercices et préludes pour le Pianoforte

Editor: Anne Swartz

for Solo Piano

Item: 490-01115


Three Movements for Piano Four-hands


Item: 490-01129

Composed about 1883, this youthful work by Amy Beach is not only an interesting insight into the composer's creative development but an effective and compelling work.


Three Pieces for Piano

Item: 490-01101


Three Rags

Editor: Carolynn A. Lindeman

Item: 490-01062


Three Silhouettes

Item: 490-01069


Three Sonatas for Keyboard

Editor: Shirley Bean

Item: 490-01100


Three Studies in Black & White

for Solo Piano

Item: 490-01120


Three Valses

Editor: Anne Swartz

for Piano

Item: 490-01138


Two Piano Sonatas

Editor: Judith Radell

Item: 490-01088

Written at the young age of 18, the Sonata in C Minor demonstrates skill with handling large forms with a wealth of thematic material but also using unifying motives to build her themes. The G minor sonata,a much later work also uses unifying themes but shows her mature style. This work has been said to foreshadow Liszt's great Sonata.


Two Pieces

Editor: Sondra Wieland Howe

Item: 490-01104

Two characteristic piano solos by Dora Pejacevic, who was an important Croatian composer. Like most of her considerable musical output, these pieces are in the late-Romantic style.


Two Pieces for Piano

Editor: Anne Swartz

for Solo Piano

Item: 490-01137


Two Trio Sonatas for the Pianoforte, Op. 4

with an accompaniment for violin and cello

Item: 494-02608


Variations on an Original Theme

Item: 490-01132