Publishing music of women composers, past and present.

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Making Music at Home

All of us in the music community are experiencing major changes to our normal routines as we work to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We encourage you to continue to bring music into your daily life and to help you find repertoire to play and sing during this time, we've curated a special list of titles for making music at home.


490-01060American Women Composers: Piano Music from 1865-1915: Various$39.95
490-01062Three Rags: May Aufderheide$15.95
490-01066Music for Piano, Volume 1: Amy Beach$39.95
490-01067Music for Piano, Volume 2: Amy Beach$49.95
490-01070Black Women Composers: A Century of Piano Music (1893-1990): Various$49.95
490-01078Preludes for Piano: Ruth Crawford$31.95
490-01082Air Russe: Louise Farrenc$19.95
490-01084Four Early English Keyboard Sonatas: Various$39.00
490-01085Dances & Entertainments: Sylvia Glickman$29.00
490-01097Grasshoppers: Six Humoresques for Piano: Ursula Mamlok$13.00
490-01098Four Recital Pieces for Young Pianists: Ursula Mamlok$13.00
490-01099Four Piano Works: Mana-Zucca$22.50
490-01102Keyboard Music by 19th Century German Composers: Various$45.00
490-01110Preludes, Exercises and Fugues: Clara Schumann$29.95
490-01111Soirees Musicales Op.6: Clara Schumann$39.95
490-01112Preludes and Fugues, Op. 16: Clara Schumann$34.00
490-0111425 Mazurkas: Maria Szymanowska$29.95

Solo Voice

491-00498Twelve Songs: Amy Beach$39.95
491-00510First Solos: Songs by Women Composers, Volume I: High Voice: Various$19.95
491-00511First Solos: Songs by Women Composers, Volume II: Medium Voice: Various$24.95
491-00512First Solos: Songs by Women Composers, Volume III: Low Voice: Various$24.95
491-00520Lieder, Volume I: Johanna Kinkel$42.50
491-00533Nineteenth Century English Art Songs, Volume I: High Voice: Various$34.00
491-00534Nineteenth Century English Art Songs, Volume II: Medium Voice: Various$34.00
491-00535Nineteenth Century French Art Songs, Volume I: Medium/High Voice: Various$21.95
491-00536Nineteenth Century French Art Songs, Volume II: Medium/High Voice: Various$34.95
491-00537Nineteenth Century American Art Songs, Volume I: High Voice: Various$32.00
491-00538Nineteenth Century American Art Songs, Volume II: Medium Voice: Various$19.95
491-00539Nineteenth Century German Art Songs: Various$34.50
491-00558Twelve Lieder: Pauline Viardot-Garcia$29.95
491-00587Six Arias, Op. 6: Barbara Strozzi$31.50
491-00621Lieder, Volume One: Josephine Lang$21.95
491-00622Lieder, Volume Two: Josephine Lang$21.95
491-00628Two Celtic Songs: Elaine Hugh-Jones$11.95

Flute Solos

494-02650Arca Sacra: Cynthia Folio$19.95
494-02660Twentieth Century Music for Flute and Piano or Flute Solo: Various$34.95
494-02841Bati l'Gani: Meira Warshauer$9.95
494-02975Four Glimpses of Night: Binnette Lipper$14.95

Violin Solos

494-025686 Sonatas: Cecilia Maria Barthélemon$23.00
494-02569Up the Ocklawaha Op. 6: Marion Bauer$11.50
494-02570Music for Violin and Piano: Amy Beach$31.95
494-02572Lento Espressivo, Op. 125: Amy Beach$14.95
494-02573Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op. 34: Amy Beach$29.95
494-02591Six Morceaux: Pauline Viardot-Garcia$34.95
494-02675Music for Violin and Piano: Irena Regina Poldowski$47.50

Viola Solos

494-02594Sonata for Viola (or Violoncello) and Piano: Rebecca Clarke$34.95

Cello Solos

494-02599Five Pieces for Cello and Piano: Amy Beach$19.95
494-02601Passacaglia on an Old English Tune: Rebecca Clarke$23.50
494-0260619th Century Music for Cello: Various$24.95
494-02842Sonata in E Minor: Emilie Mayer$29.95