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CELLO SOLOS: 12 items found

19th Century Music for Cello

Editor: Susan Pickett

Item: 494-02606

for Cello and Piano

Ballade Fantasque

Editor: Dorothy Indenbaum

Item: 494-02603

for cello and piano

A strong work for cello by this prolific composer active in the early 20th century.

Five Pieces for Cello and Piano

Editor: Amy Camus

Item: 494-02599

These delightful cello solos include Beach's Op. 40, originally written for violin and transcribed by the composer for cello.

Four Pieces, Op. 24

Editor: Susan Tephly

Item: 494-02604

for cello and piano

Passacaglia on an Old English Tune

Editor: Liane Curtis

Item: 494-02601

for cello and piano

The Passacaglia is a powerful and somber work based on the hymn tune "Veni Creator" attributed to Thomas Tallis. This is the edition scored for Cello and Piano (see 494-02595 for the viola edition).

Sèrènade pour le Pianoforte avec Accompagnement de Violoncelle

Editor: Sarah Karlowicz

Item: 494-02607

for Cello and Piano

Sonata for Cello and Piano Op. 47

Editor: Susan Pickett

Item: 494-02598

transcribed for Viola

Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 46

Editor: Susan Pickett

Item: 494-02602

for Cello and Piano

Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 47

Editor: Susan Pickett

Item: 494-02605

Sonata in E Minor

Editor: Marie-Aline Cadieux

Item: 494-02842

for Violoncello & Piano

This new edition of Mayer's Sonata in E Minor for cello and piano by cellist and musicologist, Marie-Aline Cadieux reflects Mayer's sweeping melodic style.

Sonate, Op. 17

Editor: Susan Pickett

Item: 494-02850

for Cello and Piano

The Sonate, Opus 17, for cello and piano was first published around 1878, when Le Beau was 28 years old. Classical in formal structure, but written with romantic, soaring melodies and a rhythmically propelling piano part that borders on virtuosic. This edition includes a reprint of the original piano score and a newly engraved cello/viola part.

Tres Piezas en clave de Tango

Item: 494-02858

for Cello & Piano

This charming duet between the cello and piano combines traits of traditional chamber-music style with the music of the Tango. The contemporary colors and rhythms give this composition a distinctly Argentinian flavor.